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About Us

In this page you’ll learn more about the Who, the What, the Why, and How I came about with IrumahFan.

My name is Ian Fan. I graduated with a degree in Marketing & Management. Very much related to my degree was my first job was as Management Trainee in an advertising company. Then I made a drastically extreme 360 degree move for my next employment. My second job was as an Editor in a publishing house. Once again, I made another drastically extreme 360 degree move to do my own business as a real estate agent.


Upon entering the real estate industry, people ask me: “So… Why did you become a real estate agent?” (which I still do get asked till today). My answer, like most people, are:

  • Flexibility

  • Money

  • Experience

More so for me was experience, which I’ve come to learn that real estate is more than an open door, close door sales job of properties. Real estate is a 360 degree property business, which I’ll elaborate further in an exclusive post. Stay tuned for it.

All-in-all, my degree in marketing & management, my first job in an advertising company, and my second job as an Editor proved very relevant in my real estate career. I’m equipped with knowledge in marketing & management, experience in advertising & promotions, and skill in editing and writing.


I’m a fan of properties and rumahs (homes in English), thereby making me a rumah-fan; so the nickname IrumahFan. I help my clients buy, sell, or rent out their houses in the residential industries.

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