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REAL Story of Mr HOUSE: Growing Up Property

Once upon a time, 2 master developers came together and signed a joint venture (JV). Together, they formed a beautiful plot of land. It was a flat and barren land void of hills, forests, and squatters. They saw that it was good and they were pleased. They called it Mr House.

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The master developers nurtured the land, laid the foundations, and began to build Mr House. The land began to grow and Mr House began to take shape. In 1 year, Mr House became a single-storey bungalow. Mr House was a baby house. Yet, Mr House was a growing house – filling with new furnitures and fittings. However, as time went by, more space was needed for growth.

As a single-storey bungalow, Mr House was growing. He was undergoing constructive growth. He was renovated and extended upwards. Mr House celebrated his 2nd birthday as a double-storey bungalow. At 3 years old, Mr House celebrated his 3rd birthday as a three-storey bungalow.

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Mr House celebrated his 4 years old birthday as a 4-storey bungalow. He was an active bungalow with 1 lift. The lift made him more efficient. Mr House continued to grow in wisdom and stature. As the years went by, more layers were added. He was consistently growing upwards!

At 12 years old, Mr House was no longer considered a bungalow; he was considered a condominium. As a condominium, he was now 12 storeys high! He was in need of a face-lift. His 1 lift was insufficient. More lifts had to be added to facilitate the efficiency. The facilities too were needed to be up-to-date.

The paint was cracking. There was an awful stench coming from the bungalow. Mr house was facing puberty, period. For the next 5 years, Mr House underwent a makeover. New coat of paint was painted. The leaks and stench were repaired.

Nevertheless, Mr House continued to grow in height. Each year, a new floor was added. At 17-storeys high, Mr House celebrated his 17th birthday.

At 17 years of age, Mr House wanted to become different from all the other condominiums in the neighbourhood. Over the next 4 years, Mr House had a further upwards growth spurt. Mr House celebrated his 21st birthday with 3 storeys of penthouses and a sky lounge deck added.

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Mr House had reached his height limit. He couldn’t grow any taller, but he could grow in quality. He underwent a transformation for the next 10 years. At 30 years old, Mr House fully transited to a 21-storey office tower. His structure was maintained, but he looked different. Mr House had a glassy classy look. He looked elegant from the exterior and internally.

As an office tower, Mr House, reflected upon himself. It was time to put his past behind. He was no longer the condominium it was; instead he was now a new elegant office tower. However, he was not satisfied as an office tower itself. He wanted to look bigger and better than before. Therefore, he strived to develop himself the next 10 years. By the time he reached 40, he had become 2 interconnecting office towers. He celebrated his 40th birthday as a towering corporate office block.

Then, he planned to expand himself for the long haul. He underwent a massive restructuring and renovation. Since he could go no further up, he could only go further side ways. As the years went by, his sides took shape. At 50 years old, he celebrated his birthday as an integrated development of office towers and shopping mall.

For the next 2 decades, Mr House, the integrated development, was in his golden years. An MRT station was built next to him. He was an integrated development of MRT, office towers, and a shopping mall. In addition, a highway was laid near by him. These brought life to the now ageing integrated development of Mr House.

At a prime 70 years of age, it was getting costly to maintain the massive ageing integrated development. More and more shops and offices were abandoned. The walkways were void of people. The paint was chipping off. The pipes and air vents were infested with rats. It was getting costly to maintain the development. It was time to downgrade the development.

Since then, as the years went, Mr House became shorter and smaller. From a massive and towering development he once was, he became a museum. He showed off his glory and pride.

Finally, at 99 years of age, he celebrated his last birthday as a beautiful serene park. It had a flowery garden, a lake, and an open field. Mr House breathed its last and went back to nature. He lived a good, long property life.

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