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Top Gated and Guarded Neighbourhoods in Petaling Jaya (2023 Version)

Updated: May 12, 2023

If you’re looking for a landed property in a gated and guarded community in Petaling Jaya, you’ve come to the right place.

(10) Aman Suria

Aman Suria is a freehold mixed residential development of 285 units of:

  • 170 2-storey terrace houses,

  • 62 2.5-storey semi-ds, and

  • 53 2-storey bungalows.

It was completed in 2006. Aman Suria’s facilities: gym, playground, swimming pool, wading pool, jogging track, and BBQ area.

(9) SS23 Taman SEA

In SS23 Taman SEA is The Grove Waterscape Villas, which is a freehold 3-storey bungalow-only community. It is a low density community of only 35 units. The Grove Waterscape Villas was completed in 2011.

(8) Bandar Utama

In Bandar Utama is The Effingham or also known as Bandar Utama 5. The Effingham is a freehold, zero-lot bungalow community. There are 98 bungalows in the Effingham, and it was completed in 2013. Facility-wise, The Effingham has a clubhouse, housing a gym, swimming pool, multipurpose hall, playground, and BBQ area.

(7) Damansara Jaya

In Damansara Jaya, there are 2 gated and guarded neighbourhoods.

Palm Reserve is a 3-storey semi-d neighbourhood. It sits on leasehold land and was completed in 2012. There are 18 3-storey semi-ds and 4 bungalows in Palm Reserve. Palm Reserve’s facilities are swimming pool, gym, and playground.

Then there is Damansara Residensi, which is a leasehold neighbourhood with 12 semi-ds and 2 bungalows. Damansara Residensi was completed in 2006.

(6) Sunway Damansara

In Sunway Damansara, there’s 23 Avenue, Bukit Sunway Damansara, and 28 Residency, which are along Jalan PJU 3/22. Sunway Damansara sits on leasehold land in Petaling Jaya.

23 Avenue is a community of 2-storey houses.

Bukit Sunway Damansara is a low-density, bungalow-only community of 25 lots. The bungalows are individual built.

28 Residency comprises of 170 link bungalows.

(5) Damansara Perdana

Damansara Perdana sits on leasehold land in Petaling Jaya.

Empire Residences was completed in different phases, as early as 2012. Empire Residences comprises of 3 1/2 and 4-storey houses. There is a clubhouse with swimming pool, badminton court, gym, and cafe.

Rafflesia was completed in 2011. Rafflesia has a mixture of 208 3-storey semi-ds and 18 3-storey semi-ds. There is a clubhouse with playground, swimming pool, etc.

(4) Mutiara Damansara

Mutiara Damansara is a freehold area in Petaling Jaya.

There’s Mudora Zone A and Mudora Zone B which comprise of 2-sty houses. Mudora Zone C has a mixture of 2-storey houses, semi-ds, and bungalows.

Mutiara Homes (Phase 10) was developed by Mutiara Rini (subsidiary of Boustead Properties) in 2012. Mutiara Homes (Phase 10) is made up of 79 units of 26×80 super link 2-sty houses and 44 units of semi-ds.

Then there’s Mutiara Hills which has individual style bungalows.

(3) Tropicana

The gated and guarded neighbourhoods in Tropicana are Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, Villa Green, Pool Villas, Golf Villas @ Tropicana Indah, and Green Haven @ Tropicana Indah.

(2) Ara Damansara

The gated and guarded neighbourhoods in Ara Damansara are Ara Idaman, Ara Impian, Allissia & Atilia, Winchester, Ara Putra, Ara Vista, Seri Pilmoor Bayu Utara, Seri Pilmoor Bayu Selatan, and Seri Pilmoor Bayu Timur, Damansara Lagenda, Idaman Villas, Damansara Idaman, Amania, and Laman Ara.

Read more about Ara Damansara here.

(1) Kota Damansara

Kota Damansara sits on leasehold land in Petaling Jaya.

Sunway Rymba Hills is a bungalow-only community with 80 bungalow units. The bungalows are 3-storey bungalows with sizes of 4,259 to 4,650 square feet. Sunway Rymba Hills was completed in 2013. Sunway Rymba Hills has a clubhouse with gym, swimming pool, etc.

Sierra Damansara is a semi-d only community with 152 semi-ds.

Villa Damansara has 280 units with a mixture of 94 semi-ds, 2-storey houses, and 4 bungalows. The developer of Villa Damansara is Prima Magnamas Sdn Bhd. Facility-wise, Villa Damansara has security and a playground area.

Casabella is a bungalow-only community with 72 units of 4-storey bungalows. The bungalows are in sizes of 4,965 to 5,840 square feet.

B’Sedara Residences is located in Jalan Cecawi 6. There are semi-ds and bungalows.

Pekaka Ria is located in Jalan Pekaka 8. It is made up of individual-build bungalows.

The Residency is located at Jalan Rimba Riana 9/15. There are 92 semi-ds in The Residency.

Rimba Valley @ 9 is located in Jalan Rimba Riana 9. Rimba Valley @ 9 is bungalow-only community with land areas of 7,000 to 20,000 square feets.

Villa Astana (Astana Villa) is a bungalow-only community.

The Estana was completed in 2020 and it has 32 semi-ds.

Selangor Polo Residency is located in Jalan Polo 10. There are individual build bungalows with land areas of 8,000 to 11,000 square feets.

Botanic Villa is located at Jalan Kenyalang 11/17. Botanic Villa is a low density, bungalow community with 23 bungalows. The bungalows are 2.5 to 3-storeys.

Polo Vista is located at Jalan Kenyalang 11/18 with 15 2.5 to 3-storey bungalows. Polo Vista was completed in 2012.

Kenyalang Hills is located at Jalan Kenyalang 11/14.

Bayu Damansara is located in Jalan Kenyalang 11. There are semi-ds and terrace houses in Bayu Damansara.

D’Villa Equestrian is located at Jalan Kenyalang 11/15. Houses in D’Villa Equestrian have land areas of 55×80 and built-ups above 4,016 square feet.

D’Villa Botany with 41 bungalows is located at Jalan Kenyalang 11/5. The bungalows have sizes of 4000 to 8000 square feet.

D’Villa Avenue is located at Jalan Kenyalang 11/6. D’Villa Avenue was completed in 2001 and there are 54 bungalows only. The bungalows are link bungalows.

Laman Bayu was completed in 2011. There are 12 semi-ds and 3-sty houses in Laman Bayu.

Bayu Perdana is made up of 2-storey houses and semi-ds.

Bayu 23 was completed in 2015. In Bayu 23 are 3-sty bungalows with sizes of 7600 to 7800 square feet.

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