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Landed Residential Communities in BU | BANDAR UTAMA SERIES

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Welcome back to another episodic series of Bandar Utama. This post will be covering on the landed residential properties and communities in Bandar Utama.

Where is Bandar Utama located? Bandar Utama is in the city of Petaling Jaya of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Locally referred to as BU (short for Bandar Utama) - BU is next to Taman Tun Dr Ismail of Kuala Lumpur. BU forms the border of Petaling Jaya and Selangor.

BU sits on Freehold land; hence home ownership is for perpetuity. There are good mixture of landed and condominiums in BU. For the landed properties, the property title is registered as individual land title. When buying and selling a house in BU - sellers do not need to get consent from the state government or a management body to transfer the title to the buyer.

The landed residences are split into smaller communities: BU1, BU2, BU3, BU4, BU5 (The Effingham), BU6, BU7, BU10, BU11, and BU12. All the communities are gated and guarded.

There are approximately 5,626 houses in BU, of which:

  • Approximately 3,640 houses are 2-storey, and

  • Approximately 1,986 houses are 2 1/2-storey.

2 1/2-storey houses can be found in BU6, BU7, BU10, and BU11.

In 2004, additional residential precincts of BU6, BU7, BU10 and BU11 (comprising of limited 2½-storey houses) were completed. These are newer sections of Bandar Utama Damansara compared to the older sections, BU1 until BU4, which were completed in phases beginning from 1991 until 1996.

By 2007, approximately 5,626 homes comprising of 2-storey and 2 1/2-storey were completed.



BU1 is located behind Centrepoint and next to SMK BU2. It borders Kampung Kayu Ara. There are approximately 652 houses in BU1.

BU2 is located between BU1, and the old wing of One Utama and Bandar Utama City Centre. There are approximately 546 houses in BU2.

BU3 is surrounded by BU4, BU6, BU2, and Central Park Bandar Utama. There are approximately 414 houses in BU3.

BU4 is located next to BU5 (The Effingham) and BU3. MRT Mutiara Damansara - SBK08 is just at the back of BU4. There are approximately 554 houses in BU4.

BU5 (The Effingham) is the gated and guarded, luxurious, and high end community with a clubhouse in Bandar Utama. There are approximately 100 luxury units in The Effingham - the smallest community in Bandar Utama.

BU6, BU7, and BU10 are connected to one another consecutively. There are approximately 779 houses in BU6, approximately 585 houses in BU7, and approximately 492 houses in BU10. As mentioned earlier, 2 1/2-storey houses can be found in these communities.

BU11 is the largest landed residential community in Bandar Utama, with 1,012 houses. 2 1/2-storey houses can be found in BU11.

BU12 is opposite BU11. There are approximately 512 houses in BU12.



The average land size in BU are:

  • 22 x 75 sqft

  • 22 x 85 sqft

  • 23 x 75 sqft

The estimated built-up of the:

  • 2-storey houses are from 1,978 - 2,376 sqft approximately

  • 2 1/2-storey houses are from 2,670 - 3,287 sqft approximately

Bandar Utama has an excellent utilisation of space. It has a unique intermediate-corner type of house. Houses at the bends of roads are shaped in triangle-likeness. It’s basically a square land split into 2.

Houses with their backs facing the main roads, have longer backyards. A longer backyard means more space for extension and living.



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